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Accident & Health Insurance

Solutions for Accident & Health Insurance

Benchmark Insurance Company is an admitted A&H carrier in 49 states (excluding New York) and the District of Columbia. With an “A” stable rating from A.M. Best, an indication of strong operating performance and balance sheet, Benchmark is positioned to be a positive, long-term partner. With collective experience of a large company, our team provides a variety of options. Benchmark has dedicated staff on hand to develop insurance products that fit your needs and help your business grow.

Fronting for A&H

We are a premier fronting insurance company, recognized for excellence in plan design, implementation, and administration. We partner with a range of entities, and provide innovative solutions for insurers who are just starting out, hoping to expand their footprint, or re-evaluating and redesigning their current structure.

Benchmark provides support for:

  • Managing General Agents (MGAs) and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs);
  • Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) interested in developing proprietary stop loss options;
  • Agencies interested in developing proprietary stop loss options;
  • Captive Managers looking to deliver A&H solutions to their existing or prospective captive clients;
  • And more.

With Benchmark, you have:

  • A history of success supporting the captive and alternative risk marketplace as an issuing carrier, as well as developing products to respond to traditional large group and small group stop loss initiatives, all tailored to fit producer/TPA-specific needs.
  • Stop loss policy language developed and updated to be responsive to marketplace needs, including language tailored to support reference-based pricing and cost containment strategies;
  • Current form filings, and a regulatory department that consistently communicates updates to program partners on national and state-specific regulatory changes that may impact their program, or offer new opportunities for success;
  • Focus on creating long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships that marry the strengths of Benchmark with those of our program partners;
  • No overlap with other MGAs in the marketplace. One of the greatest and most unique aspects of Benchmark Insurance Company is the ability to offer “A” paper to our program partners without overlap of multiple MGAs writing on the same paper. If you are a program manager and want to be in a position to offer a quote without having to expain why other MGAs are quoting the same paper; please call.

Ask Us About Accident & Health Stop Loss Programs Today

Benchmark’s insurance experts are ready to listen and develop a program tailored specifically to your business needs. To express interest in partnering with Benchmark Insurance Company, and get your business goals met in the A&H space, call Kyle Plath directly at 952-974-2221 or kplath@treancorp.com.