Benchmark InsuranceAn Admitted Carrier for Workers' Compensation Insurance

Benchmark supports you on your road to success.

Why Benchmark Insurance

Benchmark is an admitted carrier in 49 states and the District of Columbia in multiple lines of business, and carries an "A" rating from A.M. Best. Benchmark partners with insurance organizations who need a broadly licensed, highly-rated, admitted insurer to distribute products widely, efficiently, and profitably.

What sets benchmark apart

There are many roads to success. Benchmark wants to support you on the road you have chosen. With Benchmark Insurance, you have a partner who:

  • Is free of the bureaucracy common with large competitors;
  • Maximizes your control over your business;
  • Will share in risk to align parties’ interests;
  • Minimizes or presents no distribution conflicts;
  • Offers a management team that is an expert in the design, implementation, and management of fronting business arrangements and program business.

As an independent insurer, Benchmark is uniquely positioned to be your long-term fronting or program partner.